Thousands of man hours saved.

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Leavitt Machinery is one of the fastest-growing materials handling equipment dealers in North America. They pride themselves on providing a wide variety of equipment options and services for every application. With over 25 locations, including dedicated service branches and training centers, they offer new and used equipment sales, short and long-term rentals, emergency and preventative maintenance, safety training, and parts support.


The Challenge

As a fast-growing organization, Leavitt knew that an optimized and efficient procurement process was going to be a critical component to support their next phase of growth. They embarked on a project with a few key requirements:


  • To reduce time spent on reworking purchase orders
  • To identify the bottlenecks in their processes
  • Measure the improvements and track trends moving forward

The Results

After connecting their Microsoft Dynamics system to the mindzie studio, Leavitt was able to quickly identify the bottlenecks and opportunities within their procurement process. Within weeks they were able to take the recommended steps to improve their processes and see results.


  • 7,500 man-hours a year that could be repurposed through process improvements.
  • 20% efficiency gain in the first 3 months of operation.
  • 3-4x Return on investiment.

We have already seen significant savings since implementing the system. Not only
is the studio able to find opportunities to streamline our processes, but it also helps
us determine the root causes and how to resolve them. I would recommend this
tool to any business.

– Brian Leavitt, Chief Financial Officer

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