Data Security

We take your data and its security seriously. Having backgrounds in the security space, this one is near and dear to our heart and because of this we have spent a lot of time making sure that your information is safe.


Built Secure

Mindzie partners with Microsoft Azure leveraging the latest technologies and practices in datamanagement and security to ensure at every step of the way your data is protected.


Your data is protected. This is how we do it…

Hosted & Secure

Azure provides mindzie a secure foundation as well as built-in security tools and intelligent insights to support our security in the cloud.

Login Security

Access is limited to approved networks only (Whitelisted IP addresses). In addition,mindzie leverages Two-factor authentication.

System Permissions

Multi-level system permissions to control who has access to what data and to ensure people only see what is needed.


Auditing logging to track who is accessing the systems and when.

Security Scanning

mindzie leverages Microsoft security center for routine system checks and continuous security auditing.

Data Encryption

All data is encrypted when its not being used (At Rest) using AES-256 level encryption and when you are accessing it (In Transit) through HTTPS.