AI-Driven Duplicate Invoice Detection

Detect and Eliminate the Duplicate Payments your ERP misses.

AI Fuzzy matching allows mindzie’s duplicate invoice detection app to ensure that it catches invoices that your OCR, Users, or other system miss.

Up to 2% of all invoices are paid twice.
AI Fuzzy Matching
ERP Integration
Block/Hold Payments
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    Stop paying twice and save your company money with AI Duplicate Detection.


    Average Annual Loss for Large Companies

    Up To 0%

    Average Duplicate Invoices


    Average Annual Loss for Medium Companies

    Fuzzy Matching

    We'll catch and block the invoices you didn't know were duplicates...

    ERP duplicate checks block the obvious ones, we stop them all.
    AI Duplicate Detection

    ERP duplicate checks block the obvious ones, we stop them all.

    Invoice Number Issues
    Examples: 22232 Vs. 22322, 28367 Vs. 2B367
    Vendor Name Problems
    Thompson Vs. Thomson
    Invoice Date
    Examples: 01/02/1900 Vs. 02/01/1900
    And more
    We’ll help detect the data entry, OCR, and other issues your double paying.

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    Integrates with all major ERP systems.

    Detect duplicates and trigger automated workflows for a seamless experience.

    Set Invoice Hold
    Block Payments
    Trigger Workflow
    Launch RPA Bot