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Companies of all shapes and sizes are leveraging mindzie to improve working capital, reduce wasted person-hours, and improve efficiency!

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    Map and analyze your processes

    Get the information you need to improve your operation.

    See what your business processes and workflows actually look like.
    AI tools will help you understand where the opportunities for improvement are.
    mindzie will give you the knowledge you need to improve your operation.
    Trusted by companies of all shapes and sizes.
    More than Business Intelligence

    A new way to look at your business.

    Through process mining and optimization you can get the complete picture of your business and how to improve it.

    Complete Picture
    See where the best return on investiment is.
    Root Cause
    Understand exactly where the bottlenecks are.

    Gain valuable insight.

    Uncover the potential in your workflows to add more to your bottom line.

    Unlock the savings.
    Improve efficiency, productivity, profitability, and more.
    Easy to use analysis tools

    Out of the box templates to get you started.

    You don’t need to be a data scientist, our pre-configured templates get you up and running quickly.

    Process Mining and Optimization

    Some of the processes we can help with…

    The mindzie studio can help you streamline a wide range of business processes.

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    Improve Effeciency, Increase Profitabilty

    Using the mindzie studio, businesses are putting more to their bottom line.

    Efficiency Increase


    Annual Savings
    Our customers are saving this in the first year.

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    The mindzie studio connects to a wide variety of ERP, CRM, and IT systems.

    Secure Connections
    Fully encrypted to ensure your data is safe.
    Seamless Integration
    You’re up and running in no time.
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