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Want the time and money-saving benefits of business process improvement, but don't have the time or resources? Try combining our industry-leading platform with our expert services.

We do the setup and log creation

We do the analysis and provide regular updates

Our experts make recommendations

Maximize the success of your project!

Trusted by public and private companies

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Process Mining as a Service

Combine industry-leading software with services.

Advanced Technologies

Analysis Services

Our industry-leading Process Mining Platform

Full access to our industry-leading process mining platform and combine it with the experience and support of our team of experts.

Our team of experts Do the work for you!

Our team of process mining and business process experts help you maximize the value of your project.

Data transformation and log creation, analysis, and recommendations.


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Process Mining Software

Process Mining Software can help increase your operational efficiency, improve working capital, save time and money.

Everything you need without the work.

We provide Actionable insights.

Operations Center

Our team will set up an operations center that keeps you informed of everything you need to know to improve your department. From AI-driven recommendations to key metrics and KPI's only available through process intelligence.

Compliance and Audit

mindzie experts will set up your compliance and audit alerts. Getting you visibility into your business's actual workflow and allowing you to leverage our built-in alerting engine.

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Process Mining as a Service

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