Webinar Schedule

September 21 2022

5 Lessons from Process Mining for Internal Audit

Data & analytics tools have evolved to the point where we can expect some dramatic improvements in how Internal Audit monitors risk and carries out compliance activities.

September 28 2022

Unlock your Salesforce Process Insights that Drive Wins

Did you know that your sales process has a direct correlation to your success? Learn how leveraging mindzie can provide you the insights you need to drive more winning opportunities in Salesforce.

October 5 2022

Process Mining vs. Task Mining

Vendor agnostic, analyst-driven definitions to differentiate the technologies and determine how and where to best utilize each one.

September 7 2022

Order to Cash: Performance and Conformance

Process mining exposes invisible performance and conformance issues identifying gains in efficiency and timeliness of deliveries, billings, and cash receipts.

September 14 2022

Process Mining: Past, Present, and Future

Erik-Jan van der Linden author of Successful Process Improvement discusses where process mining fits today and what the future holds for the hot technology.