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We just need a few details so we can send your free mindzie studio license and download information.
mindzie studio
Generative AI
Generative AI allows users to gain process insights the way you would ask a business question.
Keep your data local
No uploading of data to the cloud, it stays on your PC.
Easy Install
Easy to install and use, your up and running in just a few clicks.


For smaller projects

Email only Support
1 User
1000 Cases Maximum
Advance data loading
Out of the box analysis

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For more complex projects

Phone and Email Support
1 User
Unlimited Cases
Advance data loading
Out of the box analysis

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For large companies

Everything in Professional plus...
AI driven predictions
ERP/CRM System Connectors
Scheduled Data Updates
Pro-active Alerts and Notifications

Looking for an Academic License?

No problem, we offer free licenses to students, professors, and researchers.
Easy Installation

Getting started is easy…

Step 1: Install SQL Server Express

Microsoft SQL Server Express is a version of Microsoft’s SQL Server relational database management system that is free to download, distribute and use. It comprises a database specifically targeted for embedded applications.

Download SQL
SQL Server Express
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Desktop Edition

Step 2: Install mindzie studio Desktop

Follow the link in your email to download the mindzie studio desktop installation package. Once your installation is complete you will be prompted to license the application.

Download mindzie
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Desktop Edition - New UI

Step 3: Start Process Mining

Start your process improvement journey with our advanced low-code analysis tools, process maps, what-if analysis, and so much more.

Desktop Edition

Working with sensitive data, or just prefer to keep it local...

mindzie studio’s desktop edition brings all the power of our low-code process mining right to your desktop. Analyze process flows and gain valuable insight, all while keeping the data on your own PC.

Easy to Install
With just a few clicks our indisutry leading process mining platform is easily installed on your computer.
Analyze Offline
No need to be connected to the internet, with a version installed right on your computer you can do all of your analysis without the need to be connected.
Keep your data local
The cloud is a powerful asset, but sometimes for compliance or other reason you just need to keep the data on your computer.