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Bring all of the power of our industry leading AI-Driven process mining platform on-premise.

Integrated AI Copilot

Gain process insights the way they ask a business question. “Show me my process bottlenecks…”

Keep your data local.

No need to upload sensitive data to the cloud. Stay within your companies data policies while leveraging the insights of process discovery.

Rapid time to value with pre-built connectors.

Leverage our library of pre-built system connectors and analysis templates to get you up and running quickly.

Redefining the world of business process improvement.

Leveraging the power of secure Large Language Model AI, our Process Intelligence Copilot is like having a PhD sitting next to you. Gain insights about your process, get recommendations, and more all by asking natural language questions.

User freindly Process Analysis

User friendly interface with template library

Our AI-Driven analysis tools enable the Citizen Process Mining, while our library of pre-built templates get you answers quickly.

Lowcode with Root Cause
What if
Ops Center

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Process Mapping and Analysis

Map your processes to understand how your business really works.

Improve process performance to drive efficiency, improve your audit and compliance, and discover opportunities for automation.


Advance Data Loading

Use our advance data loading tools or library of system connectors.
Library of system connectors
Advance data loading
Anonymize sensitive data

Log Enrichment

Drive new analysis capabilities by enhacing your data with log enrichment tools.
Calculate new information and attributes
Inject activities for improved visualization
Clean data and remove outliers
Alert list
Audit and Compliance

Compliance Alerts

Get notified as issues occur.
Customizable to suit your business.
Stay one step ahead.
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AI Analysis Creation

Our easy to use AI analysis tools let you quickly get to the root cause so you can focus on improvements.
Natural Language Questions
Root Cause Analysis
Template Library
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