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Our low-code process mining platform, with out of the box connectors and analysis packages, will get you from interest to insight quickly and easily.

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How Process Mining helps?

Visualize and analyze your business not as static metrics but as workflows that stretch across departments to understand where the real opportunities are to improve your operation.

Process Performance and Efficiency
Process Performance and Efficiency
Improve the efficiency of your process to save time and reduce wasted efforts.
Compliance and Audit (Conformance)
Compliance and Audit (Conformance)
There is an ideal way for your process to be performed, process mining helps make sure that happens.
Opportunities for Automation
Opportunities for Automation
Process mining can help you identify the best areas to apply RPA or Low-Code technologies for the best ROI.
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Redefining business process mapping and optimization.

Learn why 1000’s of companies are turning to process mining technology to unlock the hidden savings in their operations.

End-to-end process transparency

Drive efficiency in your business processes.

Reduce ReWork
Visually map your process to quickly identify opportunities for improvement.
Increase efficiency
Analyze and optimize your processes across departments.
Expedite throughput
Removing bottlenecks and deviations that are having a negative impact.
Revamp your operation
Get to the root cause of the issue with the help of mindzie studio.
Drive Efficiency
Improve Profitability
Increase Customer Statifaction
Increase Working Capital
Streamline Internal Audit

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The mindzie studio connects to a wide variety of ERP, CRM, and IT systems.

Secure Connections
Fully encrypted to ensure your data is safe.
Seamless Integration
You’re up and running in no time.
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