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How we move you toward Operational Excellence

Map your process

Streamline your operation

Improve Working Capital

Monitor your success

Let the mindzie studio help you uncover the hidden value in your systems. Allowing you to gain valuable insight into areas of the business where there is an opportunity to improve margin, efficiency, productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, and much more.

Business Processes we Improve…

Procurement (Procure to Pay)

Process bottlenecks and how to remove them, repeated manual overrides/rework, 3-way matching, long-tail spend, and more.

Accounts Receivable

Working capital improvement, cause of payment issues.

Accounts Payable

Maximize cash discounts, duplicate invoice payments, ensure payment terms are utilized, etc.

Service and Support Tickets

Improve customer satisfaction, auto escalate repeat issues, ensure escalation processes are working and followed, increase efficiency and turnaround time.

Order to Cash

Optimize the time from receiving an order to turning it into working capital. Easily identify the bottlenecks and root causes.

Supply Chain

Improve material flow, ensure minimum and maximum stock levels are accurate, reduce time from PO to product received.

Manufacturing ReWork

Root causes, opportunities for improvement. Get back time and money.

Sales Opportunity Flow

Identify your top performers and benchmark against your low ones. Identify the coaching opportunities to turn everyone into a top performer.

How We Connect

The mindzie studio can connect to a wide range of ERP and CRM systems, visually mapping your processes and helping you identify areas to improve them. Or load data files for even more flexibility.

Don’t see your system? These are just a few!

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