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Managed Services Offering
Your own instance of the mindzie studio. Provides valuable long-term engagement and recurring revenue stream.
Resell and Manage
Resell the mindzie studio to your clients and bring added value by assisting with regular check-ins and process analysis.
Deployment and Consulting
Support customers on their process improvement journey by assisting with the deployment and configuration of the mindzie studio.
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AI Process Intelligence Copilot

Our AI Copilot enables users to gain insights, get recommendations, and more all by asking natural language questions.
Secure by Design
Natural Language Interaction
Multi-Language Support
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AI Copilot
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Customizable Packages
Develop your own re-usable packages to meet your client or industry needs.
Low-Code Analysis
Our low-code analysis development provides maximum flexability with minimal technical knowledge.
Online Certifications
Leverage our online certification courses to get your team up and running quickly.
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