Experienced team who are passionate about using technology to help improve and streamline business processes.

Our History

Coming from various business, technical, and academic backgrounds, we came together to help address one challenge that spans across all industries and businesses, the desire for efficiency. Together the team has created the mindzie studio which takes the very technical study of process mining and through our proprietary algorithms and approach, translates process data into easy to understand actionable business improvements.

Why we do it


We love helping business be more productive.


Thinking outside the box.


It’s amazing what technology can enable.


Pushing things forward every day in new ways.

Our Team of Experts

James Henderson

Chief Executive Officer

Soren Frederiksen

Chief Technology Officer
(Head Nerd)

Zafar Khan

Vice President, Legal and Corporate Affairs

Arik Senderovich, PhD

Scientific Advisor, Product Strategy and Algorithms

Anastasiia Pika

Anastasiia Pika, PhD

Data Scientist, Process and Data Science

Philippe Favreau

Business Process Consultant

Derek Cruickshank

Derek Cruickshank

Business Process Consultant - SAP

Our Goal

To introduce businesses of all shapes and sizes to the benefits of data driven improvement through process mining. Allowing users from all walks and technical abilities to leverage the mindzie studio to gain valuable insights into their business and how they can improve efficiency and profitability.

Team Members

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