Automated Actions Engine

With the Automated Actions Engine, mindzie revolutionizes the process improvement landscape, allowing users to drive real change with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

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Action Engine

Customizable Automation Rules

The engine enables users to define personalized automation rules tailored to their organization’s specific needs. Whether it’s automating routine tasks, triggering notifications, or initiating process adjustments, the Automated Actions Engine offers unparalleled flexibility and adaptability.

Action List

Integrated Scripting Engine

Leverage the power of python scripting and coding engine to unlock the full potential of your automations. Integrate with custom systems, setup rules, and more.


Learn why new and advanced users are turning to mindzie to unlock the hidden saving in their business processes.

Integrate External Systems
Connect to 3rd party systems to update information, put invoices on hold, pause production, and more.
Notify Managers
Ensure your managers stay informed with the information they need to know.
Trigger RPA
Integrate your RPA platform to trigger automations based on process rule and metrics.
Send data to BI tools
Integrate mindzie with all of the leading BI tools to unify reporting and dashboarding.
Start your actions based on one or more flexile triggers: predefined thresholds, conditional, or user driven .
Flexible Workflows
Use action steps to automate one or multiple outcomes.

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