Process Mining

Working on process improvement projects?

Let go of the old manual way and take a data driven approach to help your business increase process efficiency.

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Why use process improvement software?

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Easily map, analyze, and optimize existing business processes across your organization with the data you already collect. Improve efficiency, rapid ROI, and more.

Identify bottlenecks
Analyze root causes
Increase efficiency

Visualize your business process

Identify areas for improvement with an in-depth process map that gives a holistic view of your entire business workflow.

Discover AI driven recommendations

Make smarter business decisions by following recommendations driven by artificial intelligence to reach your business goals.

Improve your operations

Use our analysis tools and templates to unlock the hidden savings in your business operations.

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    Data driven analysis.

    We partner with and integrate to a wide variety of systems to help you improve your processes.

    Designed for business

    Easy to navtigate UI allows you to identify inefficiencies quickly.

    Get to the bottom of issues and find the root cause in minutes so you can focus on making improvements.

    Procure to Pay
    Learn from others

    Run Working Capital Impact Scenarios

    Not sure what the ROI on the project will be? Run a working capital what-if to help guide you.

    Learn from others

    Templates and pre-built analysis.

    Our library of pre-built analysis help you investigate challenges and opportunities you didn’t know were there.