Process Improvement

If you are a Lean Six Sigma or process improvement analyst, leverage the

mindzie to map, analyze, and optimize your processes.

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How does mindzie help with process optimization?

  • Visually map your business processes to see how they actually work.
  • Analyze the results and dig into root causes.
  • Optimize the process by removing bottlenecks and inefficiencies to save your business time and money.

Map, Analyze, and Optimize your Business Processes

Process map

Visually Map your Process

  • See how your processes actually work and were they go wrong.
  • Quickly identify variants and deviations from your desired workflow.
  • Map your activities and steps to get the full picture.

Streamline your processes; save time and money


  • Use mindzie studio’s data analysis tools to investigate your process.
  • Identify root causes and trends inefficiency.
  • Uncover the common threads so you can have a positive impact on your business.


  • Receive AI driven notifications when things are going off course.
  • Track metrics and KPI’s to monitor your business.
  • Use trending to ensure you stay on track.