P2P - Process Map
Process Mining for Audits

Improve your audits and compliance

Let the mindzie studio visually map your financial processes and allow you easily identify compliance and control issues.
Then, get to the root cause of the issue with AI-driven insights.

Finance Audit
Finance Audit

Visual process maps let you quickly identify where your process deviate from your financial controls.

Operational Audit
Operational Audit

Quickly identify and be notified of standard operating procure violations like maverick buying and others.

IT Audit
IT Audit

Audit your IT process and procedures to ensure your controls are working as design through data driven insights.

Stop wasting time on manual audits

Our process mining tool will help you visualize any compliance issues, improve audit accuracy and time.


Efficiency Gain


Person-hours Saved
Custom Alerts and Notifications
Compliance Monitoring

Custom Alerts and Notifications

Financial Controls
Notify managers, auditors, or others as the system detects actions that go against your controls.
Find out as compliance issues occur with mindzie’s customizable alerts

Visualize Your Process Flow

See where the issues are that are costing your business time and money.

Identify Compliance Issues with Data

mindzie lets you map your internal processes, define business and audit rules, and then easily identify issues all within a single platform.
Define Compliance Rules
Automated Alerts on Issues
Continuous Proactive Monitoring
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