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Finance Operational Efficiency

Process Mining for Finance

Process Mining identifies inefficiencies and helps optimize workflows, leading to faster and more accurate financial operations. Enhance compliance and risk management by providing transparency and traceability, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements. Additionally, process mining supports better cash flow management and cost reduction by identifying delays and bottlenecks, improving overall financial stability and efficiency.

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Empower your Finance Operations with Process Intelligence

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Process Mining

Unlock the potential in the data you are already collecting to improve your finance operations.

Accounts Payable
Improve touchless invoices, identify unused discounts, duplicate invoice detection, and more.
Accounts Receivable
Improve DSO, remove bottlenecks, reduce late payments, reduce corrections, and more.
Record to Report
Identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks in data collection, consolidation, and reconciliation activities,
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Data Driven Decisions
Provide your team with the data they need to make informed decisions.
Streamline Processes
Improve your process to unlock the hidden capacity in your resources.
Continous Improvement
Understand your performance and monitor the impact of changes.

How can Process Intelligence help?

Seamless Integration
Connect to your systems quickly and easily so your team is up and running in days not months.
Process Mapping
Understand how work gets done in your finance department and where the opportunities to improve are.
Continous Improvement
Continuously monitor your process efficiency and make it an integral part of your financial operations.
Audit and Compliance
Audit your invoice processes including approvals and other compliance requirements.
Eliminate Duplicate Payments
Matching algorithms detect duplicates, entry errors, and other issues before there paid.
Reduce Corrections and Rework
Get to the root cause of corrections and rework that are wasting hours.
Improve Touchless Invoices
Streamline your invoice processing and reduce manual intervention.
Payment Timeliness
Notifications on early payments that are impacting your working capital or late payments that are jeopardizing your supplier relationships.

Enable your team with Operational Intelligence!

Operational Intelligence goes beyond KPIs and Metrics and provides your organization with operational insights described in natural language. No more trying to interpret complex metrics, mindzie delivers insights in easy to understand plain language with the details your business needs to drive improvement.

Operational Intelligence Report
Fully Customizable
Focus on what’s most important based on role, responsibilities, and your company’s overall priorities.
Deliver the insights your team needs when they need them with customizable scheduling and delivery.
Select the delivery language to ensure your team can understand what needs to be done.

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