Accounts Receivable (AR)

Accelerate your Accounts Receivable with Process Mining

Corrections, delays, and other costly processing issues are negatively impacting your working capital. Process Mining can help.

Visualize Your Process Flow

Achieve operational excellence by improving visibility in your AR

Let the mindzie studio help you improve processing times, reduce changes, increase working capital, and more all with AI-Driven insights.

Create Invoice
Send Invoice
AR - Dashboard

Eliminate Costly Corrections

The mindzie studio provides visibility into your AR process and where there is opportunity to improve.
Visually map your workflow
Remove bottleneck and create efficiency
Streamline operations savings time and money

AI-Driven Predictions

Let mindzie’s AI-Driven Predictions help you monitor, plan, and better prepare your cashflow forecasts.
AI Predicted Pay Date
Continuous Learning
AR - Predictions
Payment Timeliness

Monitor Payment Timeliness

Track and get notifications on repeated dunning notices, late payments, and other challenges.
Repeat Dunning Notices
Late Payment Trends
Pro-active Alerts and Notifications

Monitor your operational health

mindzie’s operational packages allow you to start monitoring and improving your operation out of the box. Spend more time improving your business and less trying to figure out where to start.
Set and Monitor Internal SLA's
Automated email alerts on workflow issues
Detect and resolve compliance issues
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