Desktop Edition – Download Instructions

Step 1: Install SQL Server Express

Microsoft SQL Server Express is a version of Microsoft’s SQL Server relational database management system that is free to download, distribute and use. It comprises a database specifically targeted for embedded applications.

Download SQL
SQL Server Express
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Desktop Edition

Step 2: Install mindzie studio Desktop

Follow the link in your email to download the mindzie studio desktop installation package. Once your installation is complete you will be prompted to license the application.

Download mindzie
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Desktop Edition - New UI

Step 3: Start Process Mining

Start your process improvement journey with our advanced AI-Driven chat analysis tools, process maps, what-if analysis, and so much more.

Step 4 (Optional): Need sample data?

If you need a sample process mining log to start your journey, we have a few you can test out.

Sample Quote to CashSample Accounts Payable