Process Mining for Finance

Increase financial operational efficiency through process improvement.

Drive more capacity in your finance department, improve working capital, and achieve a new level of performance.

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Eliminate Duplicate Payments
Improve Working Capital
Reduce Corrections
Improve Invoice Process Time
Scale with Less Resources
Process Optimization

Reduce cost and manage risk

Accounts Payable
Touchless Invoices, improve capcaity, duplicate invoice dediction and so much more.
Reduce ReWork, streamline your procure to pay process, improve your supply chain.
Accounts Receivable
Let our solution help you reduce late collections, increase productivity, elminiate bottlenecks.
Shared Services
Let the mindzie studio help you get the most out of your financial share services.
Decrease Days of Sales Outstanding
Increase Days of Payment Outstanding
Improve Invoice Processing Time
Reduce wasted hours
Audit Processes

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    Eliminate Duplicate Payments

    Detect both exact and suspected duplicate payments and then leverage automated actions to set payment blocks, notify managers, and more.
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    Set Payment Block
    Duplicate Invoices
    AP Dashbaord
    AP - Metrics

    A New Level of Insight

    Set true internal SLA’s, monitor missed cash discounts, reduce invoice processing costs, etc.

    Monitor Payment Timeliness

    Track and get notifications on early payments that are impacting your working capital or late payments that are jeopardizing your supplier relationships.
    Payment Timeliness
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