Let the mindzie studio help you optimize your manufacturing operation by reducing ReWork and optimizing your Supply Chain.


How can mindzie help your manufacturing operations?

  • ReWork, let the mindzie studio help you identify and reduce ReWork
  • Analyze and optimize your supply chain purchasing processes
  • Monitor trends and KPI’s to ensure you stay on track

Manufacturing ReWork and Supply Chain

Manufacturing ReWork

  • Visually map your manufacturing process to quickly identify ReWork and opportunities for improvement.
  • Root Cause analysis lets you get to the bottom of the issue.
  • Leverage mindzie’s data analyzes tool to identify trends by product, manufacturing line, or other common thread.

Streamline your processes; save time and money

Supply Chain

  • Identify deviations and variations in your supply chain procurement processes
  • Reduce throughput times by removing bottlenecks and wasted time.
  • Trend and track your progress to monitor your success.

KPI’s and Metrics

  • Create and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).
  • Custom charts and graphs allow you to visually track how you are performing.
  • Analyze and monitor metrics so you can continue to streamline your operations.