Unlock the hidden savings

Process Mining

Give your business an X-ray and find the inefficiencies.

Remove bottlenecks, drive efficiency, and monitor compliance.


Use our process mining and discovery tools to map your business processes.


Low code analysis tools let you analyze your processes and identify the issues.


Optimize your processes to reduce wasted person hours, increase working capital, and more.

Map your Processes

Automatically create a visual map of your business process workflow and see whats really happening.
Data driven process mapping
Identify Bottlenecks
Uncover areas for improvement
Process Map

Advance Data Loading

Use our advance data loading tools or library of system connectors.
Library of system connectors
Advance data loading
Anonymize sensitive data

Log Enrichment

Drive new analysis capabilities by enhacing your data with log enrichment tools.
Calculate new information and attributes
Inject activities for improved visualization
Clean data and remove outliers

AI Driven Recommendations

Our AI Recommendation Engine guides you on where to focus to get the best ROI.
Email Notifications
Weekly Updates
Audit and Compliance

Compliance Alerts

Get notified as issues occur.
Customizable to suit your business.
Stay one step ahead.
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Low Code Analysis Creation

Our easy to use analysis tools let you quickly get to the root cause so you can focus on improvements.
Template Library
Root Cause Analysis
Low Code Analysis Creation
Rate Over Time

Benchmark / Compare

Compare Divisions, Departments, and so much more to analyze efficiency.
Benchmark effeciency
Compare divisions
See the bottlenecks