P2P - Process Map
Procure to Pay (P2P)

Remove bottlenecks and increase efficiency in your Procure to Pay process.

Identify the opportunites to improve your P2P process by identifying process bottlenecks through data driven insights.

Increase Efficiency

Identify the risks in your operation to stay one step ahead of the competition.

See where the opportunities are.

Drive Efficiency
Streamline your operation
Save time and money
Procure to Pay Dashboard

Visualize Your Process Flow

Identify the issues are that are impacting your Procure to Pay process.

Let the mindzie studio help you visualize your procure to pay process, then leverage our AI driven recommendations to find the challenges.

PO Request
PO Approved
Receive Goods
mindzie chatUI

Unlock the potential

The mindzie studio enables you to truely understand how your business is actually running and where the opportunities are to create effeciency.
Visually map your workflow
Remove bottleneck and create efficiency
Streamline operations savings time and money

Monitor your operational health

mindzie’s operational packages allow you to start monitoring and improving your operation out of the box. Spend more time improving your business and less trying to figure out where to start.
Set and Monitor Internal SLA's
Automated email alerts on workflow issues
Detect and resolve compliance issues
Internal SLAs
Automated Actions

Take Action

Leverage the process mining insight to take action and turn from re-active to pro-active.
Notify Managers on SLAs
Trigger External Workflows
Remove Internal Holds