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Task Mining

Identify Automation Opportunities
Eliminate Repetitive Tasks
Monitor Compliance

Discover where your resources are wasting time on repetitive tasks.


Build an automation pipeline with real ROI by discovering wasted manual labor.

Monitor user actions
Monitor user actions

Discover how tasks are really getting done and how to improve them.


Monitor performance to discover training and other efficiency opportunities.

Task Discovery

mindzie’s Task Mining can securely discover repetitive tasks, manual work, process diviations, and other opportunities to streamline your business workflows.
Secure Task Discovery
Identify Wasted Efforts (i.e. Copy and Paste)
Uncover Automation Opportunities
Task Mining Agent
Privacy by Default

Task Mining Agent

Secure Agent
Only Track Relevant Applications
Transparency and Privacy
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Discover Automation Opportunities

Build your Automation Pipeline

Discover where to invest in automation and what the real return on investiment (ROI) potential is.

Task Mining Agent

Low Code Analysis Creation

Our easy to use analysis tools let you quickly get to the root cause so you can focus on improvements.
Template Library
Root Cause Analysis
Low Code Analysis Creation
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