Deliver scalable and secure solutions leveraging Azure and Blazor

Deliver scalable and secure solutions leveraging Azure and Blazor

In today’s world of technology, it is an expectation to deliver more with less, while providing the flexibility and responsiveness demanded by businesses. By leveraging Azure cloud services, mindzie was able to accelerate its server, storage, and network provisioning so that its developers could create and deploy multi-targeted software applications faster.

Here at mindize Inc, we have partnered with Microsoft to help us deliver scalable and secure solutions leveraging Azure and Blazor. With Azure, mindzie was also able to eliminate the costly problem of over-provisioning backend and frontend infrastructure for development, demo, and production environments. mindzie can now scale to any size with the press of a button to help ensure a smooth enrollment for customers.

Another key aspect of using Azure here at mindzie is DevOps. DevOps frees our applications giving us the ability to exist anywhere in the world, backed by Azure’s flexible and scalable architecture.

Azure DevOps helps up in the following areas:

  • Reduce cycle times to make software changes smaller, faster, and safer.
  • Maximize our team’s capabilities by better leveraging developer’s skills
  • Automate deployment of new features and audits code quality to keep our applications running without downtime.  

mindzie leverages Azure and Blazor to help rapidly accelerate us as a Startup. By using the cloud and Blazor by Microsoft we can launch new features in our application quickly in turn getting us to market faster to meet demand. Azure lets us be more cost-effective, spinning up or down the necessary resources needed, without investing in costly hardware. We take advantage of emerging technologies to make us an agile company with the ability to pivot at any time to meet customer demand.

Azure also helps us collect, process, and store massive amounts of data at a price point lower than what was possible a few years ago. Azure Machine Learning features that are integrated into Azure’s line of resources make it easier to identify problems and concerns before they happen and accelerate performance when intensive time-critical data processing is needed. Intelligent Performance gives us deeper insights into database performance and eliminates the hassle of making ongoing improvements so that we can remain focus on driving our business.

What is Blazor? Blazor is made up of two parts: a component-based UI framework and a WebAssembly based .NET runtime. mindzie runs Blazor on the server which means that the components execute on .NET Core while the UI is managed over a SignalR connection. We get to write our code using .NET and we still get the rich interactive feel of a browser-based application. Blazor helps us to build dynamic interactive web apps internally and for our consumer-facing applications utilizing the power of C# on both the backend and frontend.

Some key advantages of using Blazor:

  • Gives us the ability to leverage existing C# skills for full stack development.
  • Better productivity due to code sharing between different applications targets.
  • Interoperability with Java Script.
  • It is supported by all the popular browsers including the older versions of them.
  • Provides rich IntelliSense and tooling, which helps reduce development time to a great extent.
  • Blazor is secure running all our code server side.

By using Blazor here at mindzie. It gives us the ability to create, test, and deploy new features at a rapid pace. We can support any given scenario to meet demand and Blazor gives us the ability to interop existing JavaScript Libraries into our app to further reduce developer cost and time. We have incorporated libraries such as amCharts 4, Gridstack.js, and Tailwind CSS to give our users a pleasing visual experience with a focus on ease of use.

In conclusion, Microsoft has helped us position ourselves to be a top growing Startup in North America, utilizing their technologies such as Azure and Blazor to provide fast, scalable, and secure solutions for the process mining industry.

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